Monday, April 9, 2012

Eventful Weekend!!

So... I've been missing in action, and there is an explanation!  School has sort of consumed me the past couple months, and I've pushed other things (people) that are important to me on the back-burner.  Sorry to those of you who are a part of the above described. It seems as if my dream of being a Nurse has superceded what really matters (Jesus, family, and all the other special people in my life), but I know this season in my life will move on quickly. This go around, in attempting to get into Nursing school, has kept me focused, and not on the prize of "getting in", but rather being mindful of what God has planned for me, and in his timing.  For that, I am grateful.  My flesh is so weak, oh Lord! 

Good Friday:  Awesome church service and worship at the Metro.  I'm always so ashamed of myself because of my flesh, but look to the cross, and know that it's FINISHED.  PAID FOR. GOD'S WRATH HAS BEEN APPEASED.   It's such a beautiful, holy, and perfect picture of love, sacrifice, and grace!  Words aren't enough to describe what took place that day on the cross! 

Easter Sunday: Look past the bunnies and candy, and focus on the picture of life that was painted that day!  HE IS RISEN!

Here is the fluff what the world thinks about Easter... yup, easter eggs, bunnies, and candy...

With that said... I've managed to squeeze in a few outings that I've been longing to take part in.  My wonderful friend, Teresa and her sister-in-law Shawna, invited me and Hale to Crystal Bridges!  Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I want to go back without my curious and talkative three year old.  He was very good, but got restless towards the end.  We'll make a double date out of it next time!  It was sooo beautiful, and the art and history was mind blowing!  I can't wait to go again.  We finished our trip off with a much needed lunch break to Panera Bread where we inhaled our soup, sandwiches, salads, and bakery goods!!  Scrumptious! It was perfect!  Thanks girls for your patience and fun! 
Here are a few pictures....

The End...