Friday, May 25, 2012

It starts...

It's been a very long journey to get where I am today with school. And, if you haven't heard yet, and I'm sure you have, I was accepted into the accelerated Nursing program at NWACC this past Monday! By accelerated, I mean, I start Tuesday!  It's definitely been a roller coaster ride.  Last year I wasn't accepted into the program, but knew I had to continue in my pursuit to fulfill the dream of mine, that sort of taunted me.  I'm not sure how this year was any different than last, but God has a plan, and he's got me where He wants me NOW!
So here is how it went down... and bear with me.
Sunday night was restless for me, as you can probably imagine, since one phone call the next morning would rock my world!  I rolled out of bed at exactly 5:47AM, which for me, really wasn't that early.  Anyway, I stumbled to the bathroom just as I always do, and felt mixed emotions about the day progressing, which was inevitable, of course. I fixed my morning coffee as I always do, 2 tbsps. cream with one cancer-causing sweet n' low. I was trying to prepare my body for a "normal" day, whatever that means, but couldn't quite get jiving. My eyes peered out the back door at the trees and the birds as I waited for my Keurig to finish my express cup of joe.  The couch was calling my name, so I plopped down, and took a few sips of my coffee.  Then I took my phone and opened my ESV app, and said a short prayer for contentment in the outcome of my school. I didn't want to think too much about it.  When I looked at my bible app again, these two verses were in my screen view: "Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5: 6-7). And, if you read verse 5 it says "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." Honestly, I was prideful last year when I applied for the program, expecting to get in. I knew I had to have faith that he was going to place me where He wanted to in His timing, not mine.  I wanted it so bad last year, but these past 365 days, God has humbled me, and prepared me for what is to come this year! 

I then thanked God for His reveal and His glory in this situation!  I then grabbed our ancient Toshiba PC (I'm not bitter that I don't have a MAC, well maybe just a little), and logged into NWACC just to see if my financial aid had been posted, which is another story for another day.  It had.  But,  for some reason I felt the need to look at my grades for this past semester, and low and behold one of my grades was posted incorrectly.  My grades were crucial at this point in the game.  The instructors posted them Friday, but I already knew what they were without a doubt. So, I was literally FREAKING OUT!!!  I didn't know what to do.  This one point could make or break my chance of getting into Nursing school.  So, I got Hale around quickly, threw some clothes on, made myself presentable, and shot out the door to head up to the school!  I like to figure out these kinds of problems in person, not on the phone.  While we were in the car, I was crying my eyes out, because I was soooo upset, that I had lost my chance to achieve my dream, again.  Hale, being the sweetheart that he is, tells me to not be upset, that he loves me, and that he doesn't want me to cry. On the twenty minute ride there I managed to get my act together, and give the situation up to God!  I talked to Student records, they couldn't do anything but give me the instructor's contact info.  I called, no luck.  I went by her office, no luck.  I emailed her, no luck.  So, I went to the Health Professions office to see what they could do, and of course, the Nursing department secretary was in a meeting.  I took the Nursing director's card, and left out, hoping to hear something SOON! I decided to go ahead and take Hale to Meghan's so that he could play with his friends, plus I had already made plans with a great friend. On the way to take Hale I decided to call the Nursing director, and got a hold of her, explained the situation, and informed her that I had tried to contact my instructor with no luck.  She was going to find out for me and see if she could contact my instructor on her personal phone.  I headed to Teresa's house, with a little more hope then earlier, to hang out, eat pizza, and watch a movie!  We talked  a bit, and sure enough I got a phone call.  It was the Nursing director, and I received two GREAT pieces of news!  First, indeed I did make an A in the class, and I MADE IT INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM!   I started crying with joy!  I was shocked, and felt like I was in a dream.  In a way I still feel that way, but we'll see when next week roles around.  Thank you Teresa for being there to watch me cry and share in that special moment in my life! 

I know this is a long story... but I feel like this particular stage in my life is a milestone, and i would like to remember it one day, and how it happened! 

Until next time...which might be after I graduate next August.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!  You all are AWESOME!



  1. Ashley, I am so excited for you and proud that you have worked SO hard to get where you are! Congratulations!!!