Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our "FAIR" adventure.

Ok, so you all know the annual Benton County Fair that comes around, and boy howdy has it gone downhill, or at least from what I remember. Nonetheless, Hale enjoyed it.  I can say that the foot long corndog, cotton candy, and "fresh" squeezed-sugar loaded lemonade that we inhaled was pretty scrumptious, if I do say so myself!  Between the rickity rides, and the outrageous prices, we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Tricked you, huh?  Well, I enjoyed watching Hale go on the tea cups, Flinstone train, and the soft-punch kiddie toy maze complete with slide! My favorite part was seeing Hale's eyes light up when he popped two out of three balloons and won a fake, felt $100 bill!  He was proud of that thing! 

Here are few of the pictures I captured of our time together! We really did have fun... not to mention we got to see tons of farm animals!! 

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