Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camera pictures locked, and USB lost...

So, I've taken a lot more pictures lately, and I went to load them to my computer, and luck would have it, I lost my USB cable.  Needless to say I was very annoyed.  I've gone back and forth when it comes to picture taking anyway; so I was rather proud of myself that I had taken quite a few.  I find myself not thinking about taking pictures because I don't have one of those fancy $1000 cameras, and it's not really that "fun".  I know I can capture moments, and that is what it really should be about, but my pictures could be AMAZING... or I could probably invest in a photoshop program, or something more simple.  I can dream, huh?  Maybe someday I'll have one.... some day. 

I consider myself very creative, and I'm looking into making my own large canvas of Hale out of one of these "great" pictures I recently took.  Not of my own painting, which I would love to do when I make time, but of a picture I've taken with my puny camera, printed on matte finished paper, and pasted to a canvas, and sealed with hodge podge.  I will do this in the near future, I can feel it.  I'll have to find just the right one...

Well... back to the subject.  Today I decided I was going to take some more pictures of Hale playing outside, and it was giving me an error message saying my memory card was locked.  I've had my camera for about three years, and I'm sure I have the manual for it, but I'm not sure where it is in the time frame that I wanted it.  This is where google came in real handy and I had the problem fixed in minutes.  I would have never guessed that a tiny sliding piece of plastic on the memory card would be the problem.  It's fixed. 

Oh, and I was cleaning and organizing some drawers today, and I found one of the three USB cables I somehow misplaced.  I knew they were around here somewhere.  I need to keep up with this one.  Hooray for these two things; now I can share some pics!!

Here are a few...

 Bathtime is ALWAYS  sooo fun!!

 My cute little lion.

 He is sad because he had to wear clothes! 
 Hale loves being outside!  He loves blowing bubbles, and golfing outside.

 His yummy 100% juice, strawberry Popsicle.
 I think he's outgrown this scooter, but he loves to ride on it and hear it "bonk"!
 Hale and Heath ready to leave for church.
 I'm not sure what this look it for.  He really loves his picture taken.
Hale and Mommy before church!  Love, love, love my baby boy!!

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  1. He sure has grown up - and is so cute!! Thank you Ashley & Hale for coming to Joplin and helping out!! Appreciate it so much!