Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Kid on the Block!

Hi All-
So, I've been researching and reading many blogs lately, and have become intrigued!  I'm on board.  I like to get a good idea of what such a project entails before I just jump in.  So here I am.  Reading many blogs has almost become an obsession for me, especially reading my friend Carman's.  I'm not being a creeper or anything, it's just that I really enjoy reading her eloquent words, organized layout, shabby chic design, and detailed pictures that she has so beautifully displayed. 

My life is simple, yet hectic at the same time, if you can imagine.  I happily enjoy the company of my handsome husband that has decided to "do" life with me.  We have a rambunctious two and a half year old; that is all that needs to be said there, for now anyway. I am a Nurse's aide at a local Nursing home, part-time. I am a full-time student at a the Community College in our area, and praise the Lord the semester is coming to a close.  I am anxiously waiting to hear if I was excepted into the Nursing program there, and prayers are accepted.  God has a plan and he works out all things in His timing.  

Cleaning house, taking care of my son and husband, going here and there, and attending my church home is what my life basically consists of, and I know that sounds exciting!  We enjoy being outside, doing yard work when we can, playing outside as a family, and spending time with our extended family.  I personally enjoy reading, scrapbooking when I have time, and a few new hobbies that I would like more time to do: blogging, crafting, and dreaming up projects that we can gradually accomplish.  I have a lot of dreams! 

I guess that is all for now, and this is a start to a hobby that I know I will enjoy and update often... Stay tuned...

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  1. How did I not know you started a blog?? Yay! I will add you to my blog list. And thanks for the sweet compliment. :)