Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paint Job: GIANT project.

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to fix up our "guest" bedroom.  We have those disgusting popcorn ceilings, as some may call them, and I want to destroy all of them in my home.  I started on this room because I wasn't planning on having anyone in that room for a while, hence, we never have "guests", so I thought.  The past few months Heath has been in town and his helper has been staying with us, so we do have a "guest".  Needless to say that room is empty,except the bed, and has no blinds because I was planning on painting the trim around the window.  I've scraped the ceiling, and I've started on the trim, but haven't got much farther than that.  I am going today to buy the paint for the room, and I will conquer this project soon!!  I hope. 

I've got a few pictures of the empty room, and not much has changed, but I will post pictures of the finished project. 


  1. I'd just let Hale do the trim. Little fingers and all. :)Hey, he's a good painter!