Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finished Paint Project... 4 months later.

Ok, so here are a few pictures from my iPhone, which don't do the room justice at all. We had a lot of fun painting, and if you don't remember from last August (blog posted earlier), I scraped the popcorn ceiling from this room, and we painted it grey as well.  By the way, the scraping process took about three hours.  We borrowed this awesome black furniture from Heath's cousin, and it looks GREAT against these light grey walls.  I removed the trim back in August as well, and we painted them white.  I think it makes the room look very clean and put together.  I have few items to decorate the wall with and I think we are going to do some chalkboard paint somewhere.  I'm not sure where at this point.  So here are a few pictures, and I might add some more later from my real camera.

Enjoy, and I'll keep you posted on new and exciting things in the Stamps household.


  1. Thanks Carman!! I had fun, and can't wait to finish all the details. It'll take time.