Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hale is not a baby anymore.

         Fast, is definitely an understatement when describing how my cute, cuddly, baby boy has turned into a still cute, but intelligent, young boy.  He turned three last November, but his demeanor and mind have matured even more just in the two short months from his last birthday.  I've been able to have a full conversation with him since he was barely two.  I don't know if I am bias, and I don't want to brag, but the wheels in his head are always turning with step-by-step processes and explanations to EVERYTHING. 

You have brighten all of my days since the day we found out you were in my belly, even the bad days.  Challenges continue to arise in your mind, and you conquer some at this young of age.  I can see you thinking. You are so fun to be around, and you melt my heart every time you say, "Mom, can you do me a favor?... I love you!"  You catch on quickly to any word or action that Mommy and Daddy say or do, which keeps us on our toes.  

You already are so smart: you say your ABC's, you can spell your name, spell poop (he's a boy, and it was an easy word to teach him), count to 20, count to 10 in spanish, know most of your colors (blue, orange, pink, black, brown, green, and red), and can work my iPhone with ease.You are very polite, so sweet, and strong willed at times.  I won't say where you get that!  I can't hug you enough, or tell you how much you mean to me...

Before I know it you'll be all grown with a family of your own, but until then, I will cherish the time I have with you, and teach you as much as I can about life, Jesus' love, and how to be a real man (of course I'll leave all the NON-mushy gushy stuff to Heath).  

We love you Hale Fischer, and couldn't ask for a sweeter, happier baby boy! Ok, big boy, as you inform me!!

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