Friday, September 14, 2012

Bathroom Re-vamp

I've been wanting to redo our guest bathroom for a long time now, but hadn't made the time, or rather haven't had the time.  With the help of my handy-of-a-man husband, we pretty much sealed the deal on decorating and totally redoing the bathroom. I debated for a while what style I wanted to bring out.  I love many different styles of decor, and I went back and forth on modern with splashes of color, or vintage chic (which I absolutely love), and I decided on more modern, clean lines with and orangish red, and aqua.  I love the color combo, and it really came together.  Plus I got to use my awesome fabric I found at IKEA in Dallas a few weeks back.  It only cost me $3 for probably two yards of fabric!  

Here is the proof:


It's hard to tell, but the walls were a darker green and the cabinets were a medium natural wood.

 In Progress...

I sanded and painted all the cabinets white, and we painted the walls a medium grey.  We went with a medium grey because the colors we decided to accent with were brighter and I thought it would look better than a lighter grey.

Here is the finished product, and the fabric on the canvas was from IKEA! I think the fabric was the deal breaker when I was debating on the two styles for this room. 

It was a lot of fun, and we did most of it in two days!!  We need to put our new pulls on the drawers/doors (the screws that came with them weren't long enough), and we need to put silicone around the sink and baseboards.  I think we want to put small crown molding too?  

What do you think??


  1. Looks so great Ash! You two work so amazing together with your special talents :))

  2. Looks awesome! And I LOVE the fabric!