Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City

Well, Dallas is known for many things; off the top of my head: The Cowboys, BBQ, Dealy Plaza, and probably many others that you all could name quicker than I. Our girl's weekend did not consist of any of that, but we still embraced what the city had to offer!

We trucked (or carred) the infamous 5 hour journey from NWA at 10AM, so we still got our beauty rest so we could party hard when we reached our destination.  I enjoyed every minute of our drive there, and it seemed to fly by... it may be a different story from my awesome friend's, Teresa,  perspective, since she had to drive. :)  Snacks, music, and great conversation, hopefully helped ease the dread of sitting and driving the open road for so long.  Anyway... let's skip ahead, and get to the exciting stuff!

Friday:  Her trusty GARMIN lead us straight to the hotel we were staying at. We checked in and headed up to the room to settle in for a few minutes before we decided what we were going to do that night. Shopping was the ultimate choice so we headed out to the outlet mall in Allen. We shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more. Grabbed a snow cone halfway through to recharge, and we were off again. Enjoyed every minute of it, and snagged some great deals! Oh, and of course we had to get some chocolate treats for dessert from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! YUM! Our stomachs began to rumble for some real food, and we decided to indulge in the infamous Chuy's Mexican restaurant.  I ordered fish tacos that were beyond amazing!!!  I was so full halfway through, but I couldn't let those tasty treats go to waste, so, yes, I finished them!  Don't judge!  Teresa ordered beef fajitas; they looked great, but didn't taste so great!  The chips and cheese dip were pretty good too, so she didn't starve.  :)  After dinner we headed back to the hotel to rest for the next fun-filled day!

Saturday: 8:00 came pretty quickly that morning, but we were well rested.  While Teresa got ready, I went down to the lobby cafe and ordered me a healthy start English muffin sandwich which had egg whites with spinach and Havarti cheese!  It hit the spot. I know what you're thinking... and no, I didn't get my lovely friend anything, because she doesn't eat breakfast.  Well, I guess I ordered an OJ, so I got her something. Anyway, we ventured out to the Bishop Art District, as recommended by my friend Cyndi, and it was lovely.  It was very eclectic and very interesting!  Tillman's Roadhouse was on the menu for lunch!  It was so good! Perfect, rather! My lunch included a fresh pineapple lemonade to drink, charred tomato basil soup, and a grilled cheese on sourdough bread!  Scrumptious!  It sounds simple, but it was very gourmet! Teresa had a smoked turkey sandwich with bacon and avacado!  To die for, right?  It was so fresh! We also enjoyed some melt-in-your-mouth kettle chips!  Next time we venture to Dallas, I'm making a special trip there! mmmm-mmmmm!!!  We made our way back to hotel, and decided to go to the dinner theater.  Not like the Dixie Stampede, more of a movie theater and restaurant combined!  Awesome!  I couldn't believe it, but whoever came up with the idea, is a genius in my books!!  We watched the Campaign with Will Ferrell!  Oh my gosh... it was pee-in-your-pants FUNNY!!!  I can't think of the last movie I laughed that hard! Overall it was a great experience!  NWA should definitely look into this establishment!  I would definitely be there more often than I should! Next, we went back to the hotel to "rest" for the night, and decided we needed some cheesecake for dessert!  Can you guess where we made a run to?  Yes, you guessed it, Cheesecake Factory!  This was a first for me, and we just ordered an $8 piece of heaven and took it back to our hotel to indulge!  On our way back to the hotel we had to stop at starbucks!  Who eats cheesecake without coffee?  Um, no one! Oh, and Teresa made fun of me for ordering 3 drinks!  Let me explain.  I just wanted regular coffee, not all the fancy frappucino and such, and then I thought I needed some milk to help offset the sweetness of the cheesecake, and then decided I wanted a very small white chocolate mocha (my favorite), and I'm pretty sure I thoroughly confused our clerk! :)  Great end to a perfect day! :)  Oh, and we went to downtown Plano earlier that day before the movie theater and walked around for about an hour.  It was fun, and we ordered some salted caramel gelato (another first for me). TASTY!!  It's always sounded good, but I guess I wasn't every presented with the opportunity... that's all!

Sunday: 8AM came even quicker this morning!!  IKEA was on the agenda today, and then we would head out!  I didn't realize how big a store IKEA was until we were done.  We were exhausted, and I could have used a nap!  We were in there for probably two hours.... it seemed like it was never ending!  I'm not complaining, and I loved the store, don't get me wrong, but WOW!  We found a few items to purchase to finish out our weekend getaway!  Next, the open road! Since Teresa drove down to Dallas, I guess it was my turn to drive home!  It was part of her evil plan from the beginning!

Here are a few pictures...

 On our way...

 Chuy's: Fish Tacos

 Inside Tillman's Roadhouse!

 Charred Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese on Sourdough

 We're dorks!

 Driving through the city!
 self explanatory.

 By the train in Plano.

 It was windy!

 IKEA 'super-store'

I had a BLAST, and can't wait to go back and experience some other things that we didn't get to!

Thanks for bearing with me through all our shinanagins.


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